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Birthday Photo Booth

Lancaster Wedding Photo Booth - BIRTHDAY PHOTO BOOTH

Is it her sweet 16, your dirty 30 or 50 and fabulous?  It doesn’t matter how old or young the birthday girl and birthday boy may be.  Lancaster Wedding Photo Booths are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration.  Any time we are blessed to make a complete orbit around the sun is a time to give thanks.  Was it a rough year?  Commemorate that you made it through.  Did you experience the best year of your life?  Continue the revelry by acknowledging your successes.  Start your new bearth year off with a bang and create positive energy for the next 365 days with a birthday photo booth.

Email Me Baby

Back in the day, your parents put a coin in the photo booth, waiting for 15 minutes and received a black & white image of themselves.  They shared it with their friends for a day or two, then stored it away or stuck it on the mirror.  Today we have email and photo booths have evolved with the times.  The funny and captivating images can be emailed to each birthday guest in real time, for them to share across all their social media platforms.  Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more.  Our clients love that they have the option of carrying photos home and knowing that they have the security of a digital file too.

Customized Photo Album

We offer a beautiful feature that allows you to create a wonderful photo album complete with all the wacky images from your birthday party.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  The guests get to go home with with pocket size images of themselves having a great time, plus the photos are emailed to them to share as they wish.  As the event planner, you have the option to enlist us to create a professional bound photo album with the images of your loved ones laid out beautifully.  This is something that you are not likely to misplace and can live on your coffee table for all to see.

Sweet 16 – Dirty 30 – 50 & Fabulous

It doesn’t matter the age of the birthday girl and birthday boy; a photo booth is the perfect complement to any birthday party.  In fact, we find that it’s the biggest attraction of the celebration.  Much to the chagrin of the birthday cake.  Photo booths are great icebreakers.  They encourage adults to be kids again.  Baby boomers are transported back in time when they were teenagers.  You will find that our photo booths are as much a part of the party as the electric slide!  Birthday party photo booths are not just for the seasoned, kids love them too.

10 Seconds and it’s a Go!

The first recorded photo machine was featured at the World Fair in Paris in 1889.  An image was transferred onto sheets of metal and took 5 minutes to print.  In 1925 a Russian immigrant in America, by the name of Anatol Josepho invented the first curtain enclosed photo booth and debuted it in New York city - it was a hit.  Eight minutes and $0.25 later, our grandparents could have walked away with 8 black & white images of themselves and their sweetheart.  Today, generation Xers, millennials and baby boomers wait 10 seconds for a color image of themselves and can get back onto the dance floor.