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Corporate Event Photo Booth

Lancaster Wedding Photo Booth - CORPORATE EVENT PHOTO BOOTH

Photo booths are a great way to capture email addresses of potential clients, end users and partners.  With Lancaster Wedding Photo Booth, we give participants the option to have their photos emailed to them.  This information is transferred to the corporation to use constructively.  After a long day of conferences, workshops and training, a photo booth is a great way to show gratitude during a closing dinner or awards ceremony.  Let’s be real for a moment.  Corporate events are often dreadful and dry.  People typically show up strictly to network.  A photo booth helps lighten things up, break the ice and stir things up a little.

Attendant on Staff

If you’re worried about things getting out of hand – don’t.  We always have an attendant on staff to assist with any issues that may arise.  If someone has never experienced a photo booth, the attendant is there to offer guidance and manipulate the machine.  You will find the attendant to be pleasant, professional in appearance and have a wealth of knowledge.  During the event, you may communicate any necessary changes or concerns with her to be rectified immediately.  When you invest in a Lancaster corporate event photo booth, you can expect excellence from beginning to end.

Logos and Messaging

A big part of corporate events is branding, networking and expanding market shares.  A little can go a long way when you have the right pieces in place.  Customize your corporate photo booth experience with proper branding.  What message do you want to convey?  Is there a new product or service that you would like to introduce?  Whatever it is, we can include it on the print out of each photo.  If you opt for the email or SMS features, that information can be included there as well.  Test the market with new branding.  Include a new logo in the photo image.

Expand Brand Awareness

One of the ways corporations expand brand awareness is through free products and services. You may invest in commercials, ad placements and brand ambassadors to get the message across.  As you know, every little bit counts.  Advertising and branding must be consistent to remain reach the subconscious of the consumer.  At Lancaster Wedding Photo Booth, we understand the concept of branding well.  We give our clients the opportunity to expand brand awareness via customized themes.  Our graphic design department can work with you to develop and execute effective branding for each printed and digital image produced.

Email Address Collection

Facebook’s biggest asset is not in social connection but in procuring marketable information that is sold at a profit.  Email addresses, user habits and other statistical information has made Facebook and other social media platforms billions of dollars.  In that same vain, we offer an email feature that allows guests to input their email addresses and have photos forwarded to them in real time.  At your request, we can consolidate that information and forward it to you with a click of a button.  This information can be utilized for marketing purposes.  It is a smart way to use a corporate special event photo booth to your advantage.