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Party Photo Booth

Party Photo Booth

You haven’t experienced a photo booth until you’ve experienced a Lancaster Party Photo Booth.  Ain’t no booth like a Lancaster booth ‘cuz a Lancaster booth don’t stop!  You have to shimmy and shake your shoulders when you read that.  There is no party on planet earth where a photo booth is not the perfect accessory.  Birthday parties, anniversary parties, bachelorette parties, bat mitzvahs, baby showers, retirement parties, naming ceremonies, even divorce parties.  Life always gives us something to celebrate.  If life has been full of challenges, raise the energy to attract more goodness into your life with a party photo booth.

Props and Print Size

Some photo booth rental companies really skimp on the print out size.  With us, you and your guests will receive four 2x6 inch photographs.  There is an unlimited amount of entries.  If they want to go back again and again, they are welcome to do so.  When photo booths became popular during The Great Depression, photo enthusiasts were limited to black & white images.  We’ve stepped all the way into the future and give guests the option of selecting black & white or color photos.  What would a modern photo booth be without props?  We offer a myriad of props to hype up the mood.  You can even bring your own to convey a particular message.

Text me Baby!

We live in a digital world that’s constantly expanding and changing.  Our photo booth technology allows your guests to text the party photos to themselves.  If they happen to get a little tipsy and forget their pictures, at least they’ll have the images texted to them on their smart phones.  At Lancaster Wedding Photo Booth, we believe in moving forward with times.  As technology progresses, so do we.  If you desire a photo booth for your party and school events that you and your guests will truly enjoy, enlist us and you won’t be disappointed.  For more information about our SMS photo booth feature, contact us today.

Social Media is Queen

Did you create a geo filter for your party?  Share it with us and we’ll make sure that it is included as a theme for your photo booth images.  What better way to tell the world that your party is the place to be than by sharing it on social media.  You don’t need media coverage or a camera crew when you’ve got a photo booth.  If it’s not on Facebook or Instagram, it didn’t happen, right?  At least that’s what the millennials say.  Our photo booths allow guests to share party images directly to their social media platforms.

Bring Back the Ol’ Skool

We are advanced and all that, but in reality, photo booths are ol’ skool technology.  The first known photo booth debuted in Paris in 1889, before you were even thought of.  They reached the height of popularity during the baby boomer era.  Photo booths are back on the scene in a big way and can be found at parties across the globe.  This is because at our core, we are social beings and love is our nature.  Photos booths allow you to take it back while bringing it forward.  We call it ol’ skool with a new school twist.